Equita Final Expense Leads and Training System generates exclusive, low-cost Final Expense Leads for Insurance Sales Professionals.

EFES is #1 in the final expense leads market

We are the fastest-growing company providing exclusive final expense insurance leads. Every EFES lead is pre-qualified and fresh from interested senior citizens who have final expense costs on their minds. Our leads turn into big commissions fast.

It’s our family business, and our passion

Our family learned a harsh lesson many years ago. Without proper insurance coverage, loved ones don’t always get the proper burial they deserve. Every senior citizen needs final expense insurance, and Equita Final Expense Leads Services is dedicated to making that happen.

It’s personal with us

We generate final expense leads for our agents by sending personalized invitations to senior citizens. From the start we deal honestly with prospects, and with the reality of rising burial costs. We don’t use deceptive sweepstakes offers, or misleading ‘government’ communications. Our leads are generated by the prospects themselves asking for more information about final expense insurance. As a result, you receive a warm reception when you call.

Spend 100% of your time selling

We’re in the business of selling insurance, not selling leads. We believe in investing in our agents — we make money only when you make money – on the sale. Did you know it costs $33-40 to generate just one qualified final expense insurance lead? EFES agents pay a flat lead cost which creates a much larger bottom line profit as opposed to paying the $35 average throughout the industry.

Free yourself from tiresome prospecting

Our leads put you in front of qualified final expense insurance prospects every single week. You don’t have to worry about how many leads you’re getting, or who you are going to go see. You’ll get the freshest leads possible because we send them to you within 24 hours after we’ve prequalified them.

Choose your own exclusive territory

Pick the ZIP codes for your protected territory and the leads we send are yours alone. Equita never buys bulk leads from outside sources — all our final expense leads are generated in our own in-house mailing center. We contact more than a million prospects for our agents each and every month. When you get a final expense lead from us, it was freshly found just for you.

Make more money! Become an Equita Final Expense Leads Agent right now!

When you’re selected to be an final expense leads insurance agent, you’ll receive extensive training, mentoring and coaching. You’ll have the best technology in the industry, an assigned marketing consultant, and a skillful, enthusiastic staff to serve as your agency’s back office. New Equita final expense leads agents are making money and being paid within their first two weeks.



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  • Every sales call begins with confidence.
    EFES leaders will equip you with tips and methods to begin the sales process. By the end of this lesson, you will know how to appropriately prepare for future sales calls.
  • 14 seconds to make a first impression.
    Expert EFES agents cover making a good first impression on potential clients. Properly addressing a potential sale can make or break the deal. Listen in on how to land your sale with a great first impression.
  • Make a lasting impression.
    While first impressions are important, maintaining that reputation is even more important. EFES leaders will equip you with the tools to maintain a good relationship with potential clients.



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