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I have a passion for helping people avoid financial pitfalls. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 23 years old. I have had clients pass away very early on after putting coverage on them. I have witnessed, both personally and professionally, the positive & negative impact on a family where life insurance and assets are involved, and how this effects the family left behind. I strongly believe in what I do because every day I put families in a better place financially.
My Dad was in this business for 27 years. He tried to convince me to join him. I just did not see it as a fit for me. I put myself through College where I obtained an Accounting Degree. I graduated and spent quite a few years in the medical field. However, on the side I have spent almost 30 years studying the stock market and following the financial goings-on in the United States.
A number of years ago, when I entered this business, it seemed ironic how good a fit was for me. I should have listened to my Dad many years earlier! Now I enjoy putting people in a better place so when their time comes, or even while they are still here, they and their families are more secure and prepared for what is to come.
I try hard to live by the Constitution, Principles and Values our Founders left us with. I ask God to guide me in those pursuits daily!

It became apparent to me how important it was to have life insurance when I lost my brother at a very young age. He was only 23 year of age and he didn’t have any insurance for burial expenses or to cover his mortgage. My parents were not only in shock and grieving about losing a son, but were also burdened with the expense of paying for their son’s burial and making the mortgage payment on his house. Seeing that up close and personal greatly impacted me.
I was 18 years of age when I took out my first policy, but decided after I lost my brother that I needed more as we were just starting a family. I have always slept better knowing, God forbid, my family would be OK should something happen to one of us.
After being the interior design industry for many years and managing other designers, I didn’t feel the same as I did when I was working directly with my own clients. My significant other, Tom, was in the insurance business and really enjoyed what he was doing. I would have never planned it but I decided to join him and enter the business as well.
I simply could not believe how much I enjoyed being able to work directly with my own clients again. Additionally, many people have been unclear as to how insurance works, the different products… It is a great thrill to help educate and inform them in order to help them understand the best route to take to protect themselves and their family. I take great pride and receive much pleasure in helping to ensure my clients will never have to experience what my parents went through.
Looking back it is as if I have always been in this business. It has been such a great fit for me, allows me to utilize my education and fill my passion to help people. I truly can’t see myself doing anything else.

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