The Medicare Opportunity



EFES® is always looking for ways to help our agents grow their businesses.  The Medicare market is the perfect complement to an agent’s Final Expense business.  In most cases, the seniors that you are meeting with to discuss Final Expense coverage are also in need of your help with their Medicare coverage.  By asking a few simple questions, you can uncover a new opportunity with that client that you are already meeting with. Our introduction of the Medicare product line to you, the EFES® agent, is to enhance your Final Expense sales.  This will also provide another way for you to help your customers and to maximize the marketing investment that you are already making. There are many benefits to utilizing the Medicare opportunity, such as:

  • When adding the Medicare opportunity to your Final Expense sales process you have the chance to substantially lower your Cost per Acquisition (CPA), maximizing your revenue per lead.
  • When you become a dependable Medicare resource to your clients, you drastically increase your ability to obtain referrals from your clients. This also provides you with a chance to lower your overall CPA.
  • The Medicare opportunity also provides you with a chance to increase persistency rates, which directly affects your renewal commissions. LIMRA studies have consistently suggested that life insurance professionals will experience a higher persistency rate amongst their clientele when the client obtains more than one product from their agent.
  • Compliance adherence is an essential part of the Medicare market. There are certain compliance factors that must be considered when the final expense producer adds Medicare to their value proposition. EFES® has taken steps to ensure that it’s producers maintain a fully compliant sales practice.

EFES® is here to help you navigate through every aspect of the Medicare business.  EFES® will assist you by making sure that you represent the correct products and by helping you to select the best carrier partners in your specific geographic area.  By utilizing the Medicare opportunity with EFES®, you will be provided with long term income potential, while providing your clients peace of mind with their healthcare needs.

By signing up for more information about Medicare through EFES you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our experienced managers to discuss all the areas that Medicare could increase your overall earning potential. We will grant you access to our interactive tool, allowing an agent to compare earning potential over several 1, 5, and 10 year periods with not only Final Expense, but Medicare as a complementary product.