EFES New Agent Training

Train More – Close More – Earn More

Welcome to the EFES New Agent Training. In this training you will gain valuable insight into industry techniques, closing tactics, and learn about this emerging market in amazing detail. Once you complete this training you will be 100% ready to go out and start earning immediately. 

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Learning The Basics 

In phase 1 of the EFES New Agent Training you will learn the basics of both of the final expense market as well as the opportunity with EFES.

This portion of the training will help you find your starting point and assist you in building the foundation of knowledge needed to become ELITE in final expense.

You will receive an email back with the password to the next phase once all required items from each phase are received.

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Becoming a Producer

In phase 2 the pace picks up and it’s officially time to learn how to become a producer! You will be taken through the sales process step by step from start to finish learning how to build rapport, present correctly to a client and how to overcome objections like a true pro. There is a tremendous amount of value in this portion of the training. Make sure you take notes! 

Learn how to become a business owner!

In phase 3 the training will start showing you how to start thinking and acting as a business owner instead of just a producer. This is big step but if you follow the first two phases you will find this third step to come to you naturally as part of the overall evolution of your business. 

You have reached the final stage of the EFES New Agent Training Program!

This is the apex of the training and once you complete phase 4 you will have all that you need to get out and start hitting your sales goals.

Stick to the training and put maximum effort out and trust the numbers. 

Make sure your attitude and activity are always on point and your will find the success you are searching for.

You have reached the final stage of the EFES New Agent Training Program!