Up your game with FE Training from EFES and Ben Boman

Representatives from Equita Final Expense Services (EFES) and The Ben Boman Agency (Final Expense Services) are pleased to announce that the two companies have formed a partnership.

EFES has been a leading force in the final expense business since 2005, insuring over 150,000 clients in over 38 states through a sales force of independent insurance agents. Ben Boman has built an agency at a rapid pace in the final expense industry. He is an expert and has successfully trained and mentored over one hundred agents in the Senior market. Ben’s expertise in training and mentoring agents is one of many contributions he brings to the EFES team.

This final expense training partnership has come about to create a more robust package for agents in both companies through a series of sales and product training capabilities.

How you benefit

Eric Brennan, EFES President and CEO, commented on what this partnership means for EFES:

This partnership offered the opportunity to expand our agent network into new markets, which immediately expands our footprint on a national level. In addition, Ben’s portfolio of sales and product training capabilities allows us the ability to enhance our traditional offerings to our entire network of insurance agents. I certainly feel that every final expense agent in the industry will benefit greatly from the services that we provide.

Agents throughout the Senior market should expect an increase in the EFES brand presence and can look forward to additional services as a result of this agreement.

Powerful New Agent Training Tools

According to Ben Boman, EFES Agency Partner:

The new partnership gives my agency the opportunity to utilize the EFES contract levels, along with the service company in Richardson, Texas to enhance my growth capabilities. My agency will now have access to extra support from accounting, finance, contracting, licensing, new business, lead coordination, and most importantly, technology services. Our agents will receive state of the art training, exclusive leads, and the ability to grow into agency partners themselves just like I did without being restricted by the traditional insurance downline structures.

In addition to the current offerings, such as fixed direct-mail pricing per lead, daily training calls, and an agent hotline with instant access to answers, the partnership will be adding the following services:

  • An online suite of sales and product training delivered through a proprietary virtual classroom

  • A national sales trainer who will provide one-on-one, in-person sales and product training to new EFES agents

  • In home underwriting support through a customized texting technology that provides real-time sales and product support to all EFES agents through the EFES agent network of producers

  • Custom personal agent website for each producer

  • Unlimited growth potential to all agency builders with the EFES agency partner program