Many people do not think of burial insurance when they are young and healthy. Many also do not like the prospect of paying premiums earlier in life. However, burial insurance is something you should opt for when you are young and healthy because you will qualify easily and your premium will be low.

As you grow older, you typically develop medical problems, and may sometimes be denied coverage or have to pay a higher premium. The best time to get life insurance is in your forties and fifties. That said, you can apply for burial insurance up to a maximum age of 85. Beyond 85, you are not eligible for burial insurance.

85 and Healthy

If your are 85 and healthy, congratulate yourself. Your genes and to a large extent your lifestyle have gotten you this far without health problems.

If you honestly have no medical ailments and truthfully answer all questions on the insurance application, you will get instant coverage after your policy is approved and after you make your first premium payment. If you die shortly thereafter, your beneficiaries will get the full death benefit.

Also bear in mind that lying on insurance applications never helps. If you have a condition and do not disclose it, your beneficiaries will receive nothing. So please be honest on your policy, even if that means paying a slightly higher premium. You will, at least, have the peace of mind that your beneficiaries will get paid.

 85 and A Little Less Healthy

Most 85-year olds have less than perfect health. The good news is you can still get insurance but with a few modifications.

You will receive what is called a graded benefits policy. Should you pass away in the first or second year of your policy, your beneficiaries will receive the amount you have paid in premiums till your death, less fees and expenses. After two years, most graded plans pay your beneficiaries the full insurance amount.

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