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You can be secure in knowing that there are appropriate, affordable insurance options still available for you. Life insurance policies for seniors are available for you up till age 85. Additionally plans are available to provide coverage for you the rest of your life. Age, health, and your personal needs will determine the life insurance type you for which you quality.

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Burial insurance for seniors policies are specially designed versions of permanent, whole life insurance aimed at coverage of funeral costs, interment and other expenses. Often these burial policies are available as “simplified issue”, meaning there is not a physical examination needed for you to qualify. You only need to answer questions about your health on an eligibility application.

Burial Insurance for Seniors policies and coverage are available for those aged between 85 and 50. Benefits at death ranging from a minimum of $2,500 up to $35,000. Your premium would remain the same amount for your lifetime, and the cash value of your policy accumulates over time.

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Burial Insurance Coverage Types

Are you like the majority of seniors? Do you have a health issue or two?

Insurance can be confusing and sometimes stressful. You may be asking yourself what type of plan is best for me? Term, Guaranteed Issue, Simplified Whole Life? Thankfully, EFES agents are experts on each type of insurance available and can guide you to the policy that fits your needs and budget.

Coverage Types

Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining life insurance will not only protect your loved ones from financial burden when you are gone it will also grant you peace of mind that certain expenses will be covered. The EFES agents have answered a number of frequently asked questions about insurance coverage. Contact an EFES agent by filling our the quote form if you have further questions.

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