Title: EFES Plug and Learn Call 10.10.17

Host: Chase Urich

Duration: 30 Min


Behind every successful business there is a process. We all crave a business that is more efficient, a business that drives down costs while maximizing ROI and just kills it with growing production. For this to happen the ‘whole process’ must be looked at. Today we are not going to break down ever single second of your day. Instead we are going to touch on few different areas that with focus and attention can change your business and boost overall productivity.

  1. Organization

-Your Time

-Your Schedule

-Your Presentation (How you look)

-Your Follow Up

-Your System


  1. Motivate to Dominate

Understand the psychology of yourself and use that knowledge to breed success. You know if you’re lazy in the mornings, if you hate knocking on doors or if you hate doing a telephone interview. Whatever it is you don’t like doing that is actually productive….START DOING IT!

Easier said than done I know…start somewhere though. Wake up tomorrow and say I don’t care what the day throws at me today I am going to knock on every door of the 20 leads I have. I am going to do whatever it takes to get the job done because my goal is more an important to me than anything else and I’m not letting short term pain derail me from that. Ask any top producer if they like door knocking everyday, or playing bounty hunter to get ms. Jones to give them 10 minutes to talk or driving 45 minutes one way to write a $25 a month case. You have to get yourself up not just physically everyday but mentally. Ever met someone who works out consistently and they’re in great shape? They eat right they do everything needed to stay fit. That’s painful to do that day in day out but the result is what they are going after. No pain no gain as they say.


  1. No Other Way than Right

Practice ethics and values and demand the same. Short cuts in our business are the fastest way out of our business. Whether you believe in Karma or a higher power the bottom line is that when being in a people business you have to always do the right thing. I was once told that there is no better pillow to lay your head on at night like a clear conscientious. This goes for doing what’s best and right for your client but also yourself. Don’t cheat yourself by not going to that next appointment or knocking on that next door. I promise you the TOP PRODUCER is going to make that knock or drive across town for that last appointment that didn’t sound to great.



  1. Look in the Mirror

Maintain an understanding of who you are by knowing your strengths and your weaknesses.

There is no defeat in knowing where your deficiencies are in regards to your skillset. Don’t think you’re smart enough? Ask for guidance…Don’t think you’re a people person and you’re not connecting with your potential client? Reach out and do some role playing with someone. Record yourself and be your biggest critic. Figure out where you need to improve and attack that area with education and application. You will see either drastic or gradual improvement. Either way you’re getting better.


To take this one step further don’t fixate on your weaknesses either.  Work on them but push at what makes you great while the other part of your game is under construction. If you’re great on the phone book out as many appointments as possible and then door knock around then and vice versa. If struggle with staying organized when leaving a home and lose papers from the application that need to be sent back write more PHI or no before you go carriers. Cut out what hurts you and then work on it so productivity is not killed.