The Marketer position is a key part of the delicate EFES/Regional Director/Agent relationship.  The Marketer is crucial to the communication flow between the three entities and is often the conduit for vital product, carrier, and lead information, providing the foundation of a lasting business relationship.  The principal responsibilities of a Marketer are:

Marketing Support

A Marketer’s primary responsibility is to provide service to the agents in the field.  This is often a 24/7 job since they are expected to respond promptly to concerns and questions in the evenings, as well as weekends.  An integral part of the relationship dynamic is an open line of communication regarding all aspects of the Final Expense experience.

Provide Guidance

The Marketer will walk the agent through the final expense processes provide a seamless transition to the Regional Director.  They will also answer inquiries and act as a liaison between the agent and the EFES internal administrative staff (New Business, Contracting, etc.).

Manage Mail & Lead Flow

One of the primary responsibilities of the Marketer is to assure that the agent is provided a steady flow of viable leads so that the agent can focus on the sales (rather than prospecting). This is accomplished by staying in tune with internal lead counts, weekly mail generation and in-house production.

As you can see, the Marketer position is key to the successful transition of agents coming on board.   They essentially act as a business partner and a tour guide providing whatever assistance is needed along the way.  They are not successful if you are not successful.