If you want to be successful in the Final Expense niche and the insurance industry as a whole, then Equita Final Expense Services is second to none. From strong management and back office support to unlimited access to incredible training through EFES University, you can create and build a business that will set you apart from others in the field.

Having been in the business for quite some time, and seen other systems I can attest to how good this system is. You can be a true professional. Finding the needs of families and having a broad based array of carriers and products to fill those needs means you can do whatever it takes to create a happy client.

The lead system gives you the opportunity to get in front of as many people as you want. There are various lead programs available so you can tailor one to meet your budget and business growth. You get to choose that area you work in and it can be protected so you won’t get over run by other agents competing for the same clients.

You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. The training and support from your local manger through corporate will provide you everything you need to be a success story of your own.

Kevin P

EFES has proven to be a great partner with my Final Expense business.  Their lead system and support team is second to none.  In this business you can feel quite alone, but with their fine-tuned time-tested system I have all the support I need.  If you are willing to work, you will be successful.

Mark M

I have been working for Equita for over 10 years.  The best part is the steady flow of leads they provide, relieving me of the hassle of zip codes, counts, business mail replies and the uncertain returns. This allows me up to see more people.

When I look back this has made a huge difference in how I do business. They found and recruited me years ago and for that I’m grateful.

Bob M

I have only been working in the insurance business for one year and in the final expense market since September 2012. EFES has helped me increase my sales by providing in-the-field training, weekly phone training as well as online training. All of these tools have helped me get better at my craft.  The EFES University has continuously helped me hone my sales skills so I can be a more effective agent. I love listening to the audio files while I work. I have made more money in the first month working with EFES than I have made with my previous IMO during the entire 6 months that I worked for them. The EFES Lead Program is different because my leads are mine and mine alone. EFES is different from other marketing companies I have worked with before because they do not make promises they cannot keep. For example, I previously worked with an IMNO that said I would not share my leads with anyone else, but time and time again, prospects were telling me that they were called by agents from the same IMO but with EFES, this has not happened. I love EFES’ team mentality. They (home office, managers and fellow agents alike) have always been helpful and have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I am SOOO GLAD I AM WORKING WITH EFES!

Lisa D

I have been in the insurance business for 21 years. I have seen every kind of lead and marketing system under the sun. Prospects are the life blood of an insurance salesman. You need people to see and you need to see them every week with consistency. EFES has their own mail house and a system to sell those leads. Put two and two together, you have a product every one needs which is final expense insurance and you have people to see every week. A winning combination in my book.

Marquis V

I started with EFES in February 2012 and was new to the FE arena, however I spent my entire adult life in either life or health insurance sales. The past ten years I learned the fixed indexed annuity product and became a registered investment adviser to focus on retirement income planning. This market changed dramatically last year due to the interest rate environment and my income suffered.

WOW what a great start to the final expense business EFES has afforded me. I now believe I can earn $20,000 each and every month just by working the system. I work 3.5 days in the field and spend my other 3.5 days doing what ever I want. You must have the desire to succeed and willing to work.

John B

Testimonies begin with how many years an Agent’s been in the industry; there’s a reason for that. I’m with Equita and my Associates are with Equita, because Equitas’ business focus snaps up Targeted Customers and delivers them right to our Desktops. Equita has allowed me to create an Agency, which I would of never done without them. Equita hands me and the Agents in my Agency a customer who wants the product we sell. I’ve been in insurance 14 years. It doesn’t take experience to instantly calculate the Tremendous Value Equita offers; but if you need more experience……we’ll be here when you get back.

Kathi C

I came from a mortgage background and we all know what happened with that. I spent so much time prospecting and had very little time focused on selling. After being in the Final Expense market for about a year, I had been taken advantage of by numerous lead companies and became extremely frustrated. Then I found EQUITA FINAL EXPENSE. They have allowed me to focus 100% of my time to selling not running around looking for clients. I would not be successful without them.

Thomas W

I have been in the insurance business since 2007 and started doing final expense in June 2011 with EFES. EFES gave me the opportunity to get in front of qualified leads, gave me ride along training with Joe C. and audio training through EFES University. EFES’ lead program is different from other because EFES offers leads exclusive to me, a protected territory, I get actual “A” leads and their tele lead system is phenomenal. Their EFES University has helped me when I want to refresh, hone up on my skill set and it keeps me at my best. Plus, there is always something to learn. EFES actually answers their phone and if not, they get back to you in a timely manner. The biggest thing EFES does is actually do everything they say they’ll do. No smoke, no nonsense, very honest and loyal to their word because they really are concerned with my success!


I have been with EFES since December 2010. For six (6) months I drove to a territory which was 70-90 miles from my office daily. After running appointments and making it back to the office it was not uncommon to put 200+ miles per day on my car. Day after day, door after door, mile after mile I worked the EFES system. The office in Dallas and my regional office in Tampa did what they said they were going to do. Why do I write this? The greatest concern I hear from new agents with EFES is a general lack of trust in IMO’s in the insurance business. They are afraid of being lied to, deceived and burned. To save myself from writing pages and pages of examples where EFES has “walked the walk” for me I will simply say if agent’s do their part (DON’T QUIT, WHINE OR MAKE EXCUSES) EFES will do their part (mail weekly for agents, honor their weekly commitment to lead distribution, commitment to low lead costs if you produce, great back office support, great regional office support). To sum it up, generally agents don’t join EFES because of fear, generally they quit EFES due to lack of commitment to THEMSELVES. At the end of the day if you are willing to do an honest self evaluation and make weak things strong you will do well in the Final Expense business. With that said, I can sincerely say EFES is the most efficient and well oiled vehicle in the Final Expense business.

Spencer P

I’m convinced, let’s get this started!

I started in the insurance business several years ago selling anything from auto and home insurance to mortgage life insurance and everything in between. It was my belief that being a multi-line agent was the best approach to selling insurance. All lines all the time! What I discovered was that I was trying to be a jack of all trades while being a master of none. Working with EFES has given me the opportunity to become a master of selling final expense life insurance. The lead program and sales system is truly the best in the industry. I now make more money in one week than I was able to make in an entire month in the past. Not only have I been able to provide a nice living for my family, I have been able to help many other families achieve peace of mind. Thank you EFES!

Dave T

I have been working in the insurance industry for about 13 years. I have gone back and forth between health/disability insurance and final expense, and have worked with a number of different “lead” programs. I have never seen anything that compares to the lead program here. With it, I am able to spend my time selling, not prospecting; which makes me more money in less time. That makes me very happy.

Emily M

I came to Equita from a 9 year sales career in a declining industry. Every year I was working harder and harder to earn less and less. I could not control how many clients I saw because I had no say in the advertising. I was looking for something where I could support my family from the very beginning but had no limits for the future. Equita was the exact opportunity I was looking for. Right from the beginning, they let me dictate the training that I needed to fine tune my sales skills along with helping me understand the numbers. I quickly became a top producer in the top 15 in the organization but my yearning for more success led me to ask “how do I take this to the next level?” Equita showed me how to increase my sales instead of telling me to “just buy more leads”. The following month I wrote over $23K in A.P.! In less than a year I can see the financial future and success I have here and I am excited again to sell!

Bill D

Today, more than ever, people want the security of working in a career that offers stability while also being something that they will enjoy. I have been fortunate to be doing something I enjoy; working with people who have become my friends; and offering a service that helps so many people. I began working with EQUITA in February 2005 and I make an excellent living while working with talented agents. We call our incredible team a “Crew” since TOGETHER we are navigating through the rough waters and offering our clients the many products they need to withstand the inclement weather of Life. Everyone wishes it was always ‘smooth sailing’, yet you have to chart your course, follow the trade winds and react properly when the seas are challenging. I am proud to say that my ship and crew have made a very positive difference. The success I enjoy with EFES is a combination of the delivery of a steady stream of quality leads; product lines that will help me close on those leads; and the peace of mind knowing that there are more leads on the way to me, so that I can continue building my business. This is a program that WORKS. All of this has enabled me to build a powerful agency with EFES that currently generates over $2,500,000 annually in life insurance premium with over 55 agents getting leads each and every week. Nothing comes easy in this life, and there is no substitute for hard work and persistence, but EFES has offered the support necessary, and my Crew and I have responded. By continuing on this course we have set, I feel confident in saying that 2009 will bring over $4,500,000 in annual premium and my Crew will grow to over 100 Agents ready to accept the challenge that will so positive affect the lifes of so many people now and in the future…

Joe C

EFES is a different lead program. It’s great to work with qualified leads. Other programs I have used had me working 60 hours a week and I was chasing leads. I now have more time to spend with my kids and enjoy life like never before.

Sergio L

The level of support is superb – from the local administrative assistant, to the home office teams of new business. Marketing support and the lead generation departments are outstanding. Their services and communications with the agents, on any area of concern, provide concise and timely issuance of business allowing the agent to secure new clients.

Jack S

Working with Equita Final Expense has been a positive experience : everything from the large client base, the expandability, the financial expertise-I enjoy the new and awesome approach EFES provides!

Alfredo M

I am affiliated with a team of professionals that are smart, experienced, accessible, and enjoyable to work with. I think their system is efficient, fast, and easy to use. I can easily target specific areas that I want to work. EFES provides me several carriers that have the best rates in the country.

Jeff B

EFES has allowed me to take my business to the next level. The flat rate lead system takes away the risk that I was taking when I was paying for bulk mailers. EFES always makes sure that I have enough leads, which are always personally mailed for me in my own protected territory. Being able to get as many leads as I need when I need them, and knowing what I’m paying for them, gives me the ultimate control that I need to write more business and make more money.

Andrew F

EFES’ lead program is the best system I’ve ever worked. I am supplied with a steady flow of leads every week that haven’t been worked by any other agent. And EFES’ home office support is unsurpassed; they promptly process apps, get right back to me and express a caring spirit.

Paul H

EFES has a true success system that will never fail. Their office support helps me to stay focused and sell, and the steady leads have allowed me to sell more life insurance than I ever have in my career. !n addition to selling, I have been able to start my own agency and am now actively recruiting and training agents on a regular basis. I would recommend anyone out there who is looking for a steady home look no more. Bottom Line: This is the place to be. Period.

Dan R

I started with Equita in Jan. 2008. I looked at this oppurtunity as a career, not a quick fix to make instant money. I always look to improve myself. I have a set schedule and my goal is 8 to 10 presentations a week. my premium goal is $3500 a week. some weeks I hit the goal some weeks I don’t. From Jan. 2008 I have submitted $430,000 in premium. My average monthly premium is $8,900 in my career with Equita. the good news is I am having my best year in 2012. My submitted premium is $67,000 from Jan. to mid July 2012. That is working 381 leads this year so far. I average about 15 leads a week. my average monthly premium in 2012 is $10,000. I have been in the insurance business since 1997. Equita is the best company I have ever done business with. they have fantastic training. The weekly conference call is very important. I am blessed to hear great training from Travis Tubbs and John Dugar every week on the call. Also I have always had a great marketer. The 2 marketers I have to thank for my career are Pam Godoy and Bobby Bridges. The key is preparation. Discussing the leads every Friday with my marketer is the key before they are assigned every Saturday. I always have a positive attitude whether I have good week or bad week. The reason I have a positive attitude is because of God. And also the wonderful support i have at Equita. I also would like to thank Ryan Caras for presenting the opportunity and Tammy Johnson for checking my apps and putting up with my bad handwriting. And the whole Equita staff, thank you.

James M

Lead drops I had done in the past returned about 1% or less at a cost of $40 or more per lead. The quantity EFES provides is double at just a cost of less than half. I am more productive by far and my time is now spent in front of interested clients.

Bob M

After 24 years in the business I can truly say the EFES approach, support and effort from the entire organization [and each employee] makes you feel like family. Only you can limit how far you go with this program.

Stanley S

EFES’ powerful team of final expense experts help any agent or manager achieve their goals quickly. Finally a lead source that has raised the bar! Knowing you have the most unique leads in the industry gives you a real sense of job security.

Ray T

I have been in the insurance business for 42 years. (of course I started at age 2). I have sold disability income to the Professional Market, group health to the Business market and mortgage term life to the Mortgage Market. However, I have never been as happy or satisfied as I am working in the Final Expense Market with EFES. All the staff at EFES are extremely supportive. My only regret is that I didn’t start with EFES sooner. The leads are fresh, my areas are protected, and the cost per lead cannot be beat. In the past I did my own advertising, my costs were GREATER and the consistency of getting a steady flow of leads just didn’t happen. I cannot say enough good things about EFES and how their lead program has changed my life. The EFES home office is different from other marketing companies because they are always ready to help and support. Forget about talking the talk. They walk the walk!

Jim W.

Yep, I’m ready to join the EFES team!