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We Profit From Insurance Sales, Not Lead Sales

The main distinction between EFES and other lead generation companies is that we are in the business of selling final-expense insurance. We don’t profit from our leads. In fact, we split the cost with the agents to make it more affordable for the agent to succeed. We are, in essence, partners with our agents on the lead and we only make money if the agent sells insurance. This formula requires us to be very particular about the quality of leads we send to our agents.

We generate every direct mail lead in our very own mail house which allows us to avoid relying on any third-party mail company who may have their own interests in mind. We also generate every Insta-Lead here at our home office. Every Insta-Lead (Tele-Lead) is produced by our very own call center. Our goal is to provide a fresh, high-quality lead to our insurance agents to ensure a high closing ratio. In many instances, our agents receive their leads the same day we get them through our state-of-the-art website.

Effective Leads and an Effective System

Because we want EFES agents to close at least 25-30% of the leads we send them, we have developed an unparalleled in-house system for attracting interested prospects:

  • We generate fresh, warm leads especially for each EFES agent’s exclusive territory.
  • We never sell EFES leads on the open market, or to any other company for any reason.
  • We approach senior citizens with integrity and honesty and never mislead them with bogus “sweepstake” offers or phony “government-notice” letters.
  • Our leads are created when prospects respond to our offer of information about final expense life insurance. They WANT the specifics about the insurance options you will be offering them!

Flat Lead Cost

At EFES, we value your time and your selling expertise. You know how much a “warm” insurance lead costs – some companies charge $75 or more. It costs EFES $33-40 to generate a warm lead, but our agents pay a flat lead cost. We’re willing to lose money on our leads because our agents are so successful at writing new insurance business for us – many EFES agents close 35% of the leads we send them and enjoy six-figure incomes.

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100% Selling – Zero Prospecting

Imagine devoting 100% of your time selling final expense insurance to qualified, interested prospects! That’s what EFES agents do every week.