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The Medicare market is the perfect compliment to an agent’s Final Expense business.

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The Medicare Opportunity

EFES® is always looking for ways to help our agents grow their businesses.  The Medicare market is the perfect complement to an agent’s Final Expense business.  In most cases, the seniors that you are meeting with to discuss Final Expense coverage are also in need of your help with their Medicare coverage.  By asking a few simple questions, you can uncover a new opportunity with that client that you are already working with. Our introduction of the Medicare product line to the EFES® agents is to enhance your Final Expense sales and to provide another way to you to help your customers and to maximize the marketing investment that you are already making.

EFES® is here to help you navigate through every aspect of the Medicare business.  We ensure that you understand the compliance requirements of the Medicare market to make certain that both you and your customers are well taken care of.  EFES® will assist you by making sure that you represent the correct products and by helping you to select the best carrier partners in your specific geographic area.

The Medicare market is not only a great way for you to build a long term, sustainable, residual income but it is also a great way to help people with whom you are already doing business or trying to help with their long-term plans.  Look at the income example below – it is designed to help you understand the potential that this market offers you by simply adding the Medicare product line to your current Final Expense daily marketing and sales activities.